The xMedia Player, the xRemote and the xDimension together form the xMedia project

  • xMedia Player – The entertainment systemhardware
    • 190 MHz Processor
    • 64 MB RAM
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • High quality sound
    • 4.3” display
    • Capacitive touch (wheel & buttons)
  • xRemote – The remote control
    • Small
    • Graphic touchscreen
    • Capacitive touch (slider & buttons)
    • Bluetooth
  • xDimension – The innovation – control with a swipe of your fingers
    • Innovative user interface concept demo


xMedia Player – the entertainment system


Processor: Atmel AP7000 @ 190MHz on the NGW100  mediaplayer
RAM: 64Mb SD Ram
Memories: 8Mb parallel Flash, 8Mb serial NAND Flash
1 x High Speed SD/SDHC Card Slot
1 x Low Speed SD/MMC Card Slot
2 x 16Mb serial NOR Flash
Audio: Cirrus Logic CS42022
VGA: Analog Devices ADV7125
Network: 2 x 10/100 MBit Ethernet
1 x 54Mbit 802.11g WiFi with Zcomax XG-182M
LCD: Sharp LQ043 (aka. PSP LCD)
Board Controller: Atmel ATmega1281V @ 8MHz
Capacitive Interface: Atmel QT1106
Bluetooth: SparkFun BlueSMiRF

Operating System:

Linux 2.6 Special build from serveral repositories based on 2.6.29.rc4 – bwa3


Audio: Atmel AC97
SD/SPI: SPI-MMC on top of the Atmel SPI driver
Wireless: Libertas SDIO on top of the Atmel MCI driver
(edited driver, due bit alignment issues)
Serial: Atmel Serial

Software Framework:

Busybox Shell Buildroot default
Alsa Utilities Volume control, simple playback, …
MPlayer For audio and video Playback
(with libmad for audio playback)
QT Embedded 4.4.3 Application Framework for really quick development


xRemote – the remote control

Processor: Atmel ATmega1281V @ 12MHz  
Memories: 1 x microSD Card Slot
LCD & Touchscreen: CFAX12864CP1
(the weak part of the remote, anybody want to sponsor an other display? – i made the module exchangeable)
Bluetooth: SparkFun BlueSMiRF
Accelerometer: LIS3LV02DQ
Power: UnionBattery 860mAh / 1100mAh Lithium Polymere
Maxim-IC MAX1551
Micrel MIC5202
USB: Silabs CP2102 USB to USART Bridge

xDimension – control everything with a swipe of your fingers

The xDimension is an innovativ user interface device that allows you to control any device by just waving your fingers in the air.

The xDimension is based on the image sensor of the Nintendo Wii Remote – that tracks infrared blobs – checkout a demonstration of the xDimension:

Now you ask how the system works?

demonstrationGenerally the xDimension boost out infrared radiation with an about 12W strong infrared panel.

The finger – or to be exact the reflective strips attached to the fingers reflect the infrared light back to the xDimenision device.

The xDimension now uses the power of the Image sensor of the Wii Remote to track the reflected infrared light and calculate movement and commands

Want to know more – contact me =)



Change connection settings of old BlueSMiRF

ATSN,xMedia <-- Set Device Name
ATSSN,Control <-- Set Service Name
ATSP,3333,default <-- Pin ändern

ATSW25,1,1,0,0 <-- Set Auto Connect Mode
ATSMA,<address>,1101 <-- Set Autoconnect Master

Show Clock Options:

mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
cat /sys/kernel/debug/at32ap_clk

Do kernel compiLATION

make atngw100_defconfig
make menuconfig
Toolchain -> Large File System Support & WCHAR Support!
Set Boardname & Address
Project -> Audio
alsa-utils -> select all
Project -> Graphics
Direct FB

Target File System Options
do uboot config


AMixer settings

amixer sset "IEC958" 60% unmute
amixer sset "IEC958 Playback AC97-SPSA" 0

Simple WiFi Setup on linux

iwconfig eth1 essid "WA"
iwconfig eth1 key 111111111
ifconfig eth1
route add -net default gw dev eth1

QT Rotate (Flip) screen – QWS

export QWS_DISPLAY=Transformed:rot180:0

Play video with Framedrop on MPlayer


mplayer /home/xMedia/Files/Network/dirty.mpg -flip -ac mad -vop mirror,scale -bpp 24 -framedrop -hardframedrop < /dev/null 2>&1 1>/dev/null &

Copy Kernel from SD to flash – NGW100


protect off 0x20000 0x7EFFFF;erase 0x20000 0x7EFFFF;mmcinit;ext2load mmc 0:1 0x90000000 /boot/uImage;cp.b 0x90000000 0x20000 0200000;

bootm 0x20000